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User Guidelines

Thank you for using Beautyview!

The purpose of these User Guidelines is to ensure that Beautyview reviews are accurate and adequately describe each customer’s experience. Beautyview is a welcoming and friendly environment, therefore the integrity of our reviews is our top priority. Please read the following guidelines carefully.



  • DO leave a review if you are a paying customer.

  • DO disclose any details of special treatment received or if you have a personal connection with the business you are reviewing.

  • DO express your honest opinion without exaggerating the facts.

  • DO ensure your review is clear and concise with proper spelling and grammar.

  • DO offer only your first-hand experience.

  • DON’T use inappropriate or offensive remarks.

  • DON’T use your review as a means to personally attack or blackmail a business.

  • DON’T single out individuals. Instead, you should review the business.

  • DON’T spam, advertise or include references to other businesses in your review.

  • DON’T leave fake reviews. Only paying customers of that particular business may leave a review.


You can't review a business unless you personally transacted with them. Any reviews that are not written from first-hand experience will be removed.

The purpose of every review is to provide useful information about the business. That means you, the customer and reviewer, can provide other potential customers with real insights about your local beauty salons. Armed with this first-hand information, customers are much better equipped to choose a business that will suit their needs (without making a dozen phone calls to different stores).

However, be sure to always act professionally and adhere to these User Guidelines.

Beautyview doesn’t discourage negative reviews (provided they are legitimate), but they should be directed at the business itself, not specific employees. If you experience bad service, of course, you should describe the incident. But please don't name the individual who served you. On the other hand, if you received excellent service, you should absolutely mention the name of the person who gave you the outstanding treatment.

Businesses can’t buy good reviews. In this way, Beautyview levels the playing field by allowing the customers – your community – to rate and review local beauty businesses. Sometimes it's the smallest, hardest-to-find businesses that provide top-notch service, so your reviews are very important!


Reviews are most helpful to customers when they provide an unbiased opinion and first-hand advice. We don't allow individuals or entities who own or are affiliated with a business to publish reviews of themselves or competing establishments.

Whenever you earn a positive review, it’s recommended that you thank the reviewer for their patronage and reinforce your commitment to providing the best customer service experience. Similarly, if you receive a negative review, you should respond by first apologising that your business didn’t meet the customer’s expectations (regardless of who is at fault!). You can then attempt to offer your side of the story and reconcile. This will demonstrate to Beautyview users and future customers that you run a business that cares about its clients.

Businesses may not use Beautyview to bribe customers for positive reviews. Nor may they do anything to discredit competing salons – local or otherwise. Creating fake user accounts to leave reviews will result in the removal of all accounts and reviews, and potentially further action. Likewise, employees affiliated with a business listed on Beautyview will be held to the same standards outlined in these User Guidelines.

Most importantly, embrace your reviewers! Businesses with multiple positive reviews on Beautyview tend to gain lots of attention and acquire new customers. So don't be shy! Ask customers to review your business on Beautyview, as the more positive reviews you have, the better your business will rank in the search results.


Every review must relate directly to the business to which it is submitted. Please ensure you submit your review to the correct listing on Beautyview.

Help other customers get the most out of your review by using the correct alphabet for your language and avoiding machine translations that make your review hard to read. Don't use HTML tags, ALL CAPS or casual slang.

Finally, give us your best and most accurate advice – just ensure it’s original! Every review should contain your own, original content and not include quoted material from other sources. Any review content plagiarised from other websites, reviewers, emails or printed collateral will be removed.

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